Organic Mung Bean Protein

Organic Mung Bean Protein

1. Product name: Organic Mung Bean Protein.
2. Appearance : light yellow fine powder.
3. Particular size: 100 mesh.
4. Protein: >85%.
5. Moisture (%) <10%.
6. Melamine: ND.
7. Pesticide Residue: ND.
8. Shelf time: 2 years.
9. Storage: Cool, dry, and ventilate.
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Product Introduction



Our organic mung protein is isolated from top-quality, GMO-free, allergen-free, pesticide-free, and nutrient-rich organic mung beans. The mung beans are high in protein growing in mainland China.

Our production of the Organic Mung Bean Protein complies with organic requirements and naturally without additives. The beans undergo a gentle and toxin-free process in order to naturally increase digestibility and protein 85% content. We promise our highly qualified Organic Mung Bean Protein is gluten-free and hypoallergenic, and it is an excellent vegetarian/vegan source of protein for health food, sport supplement, nutrition additive, nutrition, health products, functional foods, flavor foods, and functional drinks.


Nutrition Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Functional Foods, Baked Goods, Snack Foods, Pet Foods

Product Details

  • Good gelling

  • Good solubility

  • Good emulsibility

  • High viscosity

  • Clean taste

  • Vegan meat

  • RTD beverage

  • Smoothies and shakes

  • Soup

  • Yogurt

  • Good dispersibility

  • Good solubility

  • Clean taste

  • Powder drinks

  • Puffled food

  • Bakery food

  • Nutrition bar

  • Bread dressing


mung protein.png

Heavy Metal



Nutrition Line/Nutrition Value

Organic Mung Bean Protein

Amino Acid Breakdown

Organic Mung Bean Protein


Organic Mung Bean Proteinorganic mung protein.pngOrganic Mung Bean Protein

Shipment Details

Bulk Package

10 kg/bag, 500 kg or 600 kg per pallet

Loading capacity

20 pallets for a 1*20FCL container, which means it is full with 12 tons

40 pallets for a 1*40FCL container, which means it to be full with 24 tons

Lead time

7 days after your order

Shelf time

24 months and this ingredient will arrive with 90% of shelf life remind


Cool, dry, and ventilate

Sample & Certification Support

1. Testing Report, Organic certification, COA.

2. Standard packaging.

3. Convenient DHL, UPS, and FEDEX service.

4. Less than 100g sample for free.


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