Organic Quinoa Protein

Organic Quinoa Protein

1. Product name: Organic quinoa protein.
2. Appearance: Offwhite fine powder.
3. Particular size: 100 mesh/300 mesh/500 mesh.
4. Organic Brown Rice Protein>60%.
5. Moisture (%) <10%.
6. Melamine: ND.
7. Shelf time: 24 months.
8. Lead time: 7-10days after your order.
9. Remark: Customized specifications can also be achieved.
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Product Introduction

Best Organic Quinoa Protein

Organic Quinoa protein content is more than barley (11%), rice (7.5%) or corn (13.4%), and is on par with wheat (15%), which makes it a good choice for vegetarians as its quality is somewhat comparable to that of skimmed milk powder and meat. Because quinoa protein conforms to the demand of humans for food nutrition, and health, since 2005, quinoa has become an international bestseller as healthy food, numerous quinoa products like cake, beverages, health care, and nutrition additive have already been tasted by more people. The main components of quinoa protein powder are albumin and globulin, and the action of the disulfide bond makes their molecular structure more stable. Quinoa protein is a complete protein that almost contains all-natural amino acids, especially rich in 8 essential amino acids for the human body and infant essential histidine, and the proportion is balanced.


Appearance: Offwhite fine powder

Particular size: 100mesh/300mesh/500mesh

Organic Brown Rice Protein>60%

Moisture (%) <10%

ASH (%)<5%

Gluten&Soy allergen free

Melamine: ND

Pesticide Residue: ND

TPC (CFU/GM)<1000 cfu/g

Mould&Yeast< 50cfu/g

Salmonella: Negative

Listeria: Negative

Heavy Metal





Amazing Main Functions of Quinoa Protein

1. Bulk Quinoa protein powder can provide various amino acids required by the human body, and help humans to build muscle. Quinoa extract contains complete protein and 9 essential amino acids for the human body. It is especially worth mentioning that lysine, which is lacking in general grains, is high in quinoa supplements. Quinoa protein is comparable to skim milk and meat in both quantity and quality, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians and an excellent alternative to grains such as rice.

2. Improve acid-base balance: Natural quinoa is an alkaline food, and eating too much big fish and meat will make the body acidic, which is easy to cause a sub-healthy state, and eating quinoa protein powder can improve the acid-base balance in the body and maintain a healthy physique.

3. Prevent type 2 diabetes: Pure quinoa protein is also beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. Because quinoa protein is rich in magnesium, manganese, and other minerals, an enzyme produced is involved in the utilization of glucose and the secretion of insulin in the body. And the Gl glycemic value of quinoa protein powder is 35, which is a low glycemic index food. Regular consumption of natural quinoa supplements and other whole grains will reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

4. Organic quinoa protein can relieve vascular pressure and protect the cardiovascular system. Mainly because quinoa is rich in magnesium, if the body lacks magnesium, it will lead to high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, and arrhythmia. A daily breakfast of organic quinoa powder can reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Low insulin: In other very nutrient-dense situations, it is surprising that quinoa protein powder is very low in insulin, so it is suitable for all people. Especially suitable for infants, pregnant women, people with three highs, people with an unbalanced diet, and people who lose weight.

Quinoa Protein Powder Nutrition Facts

1. Good source of iron: One cup of quinoa supplies contains 2.76 mg of iron, providing 34.5% of the recommended intake for men and 15.33% for women. Maintaining adequate iron levels is essential for good health. Iron is required for a series of processes in the human body. For example, it is an important component of hemoglobin. This compound carries oxygen in the blood and supports energy and cellular function throughout the body. Adequate iron intake also supports healthy connective tissue and muscle metabolism.

2. Folic acid: Folic acid is an essential B vitamin, and it is especially important for women to get enough folic acid during pregnancy by taking quinoa powder to reduce the chance of neural tube defects in babies. Getting enough dietary folic acid also reduces the risk of many types of cancer and depression.

3. Provides magnesium: One cup of cooked pure quinoa protein contains 118 mg of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the function of more than 300 enzymatic reactions and is present in every cell of the body. Low levels of magnesium have the potential to cause conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and migraines, so getting enough magnesium is especially important.

4. Contains Quercetin and Kaempferol: Pure quinoa protein extract contains the plant compounds quercetin and kaempferol. These antioxidants protect against a range of chronic diseases. Kaempferol may help prevent infections, heart disease, and diabetes, and may also help improve the body's defenses and fight infection and inflammation.


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Shipment Details

1.Bulk Package: 20kg/bag, 500kg or 600kg per pallet;

2. Loading capacity: 20Pallets for 1*20FCL container, which means it is full with 10 tons or 12 tons 40 pallets for 1*40 FCL container, which means it is full with 20 tons or 24 tons;

3. Lead time: 7-10days after your order;

4. Shelf time: 24 months .

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Q: Does the manufacturer require their raw material suppliers to have a food safety audit performed annually?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Are the ingredients NON-GMO, ORGANIC, and pesticides residue-free?

A: Yes, they are.

Q: Are the ingredients free of extraneous matter?

A: Yes, they are.

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