Collagen and Peptide

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies,especially typ I,II,III,IV&V collagen.It's found in muscles, bones, skin,blood vessels,digestive system and keratinocyte and tendons.It's what helps give our skin strength and elasticity,along with replacing dead skin cells.When it comes to our joints and tendons,in simplest terms,it's the"glue"that helps hold the body together.Plant peptides are large-molecule proteins that are enzymatically biosynthesized into small fragments of 2 to 10 amino acids. plant peptides are rich in 22 amino acids,including 9 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize.Plant peptides are small molecule proteins that are easily absorbed by the body.They are suitable for people with poor protein digestion and absorption,such as middle-aged and elderly people,patients after recovery from surgery,patients with tumors and radiotherapy and chemotherapy,and patients with poor gastrointestinal function.In addition,plant peptides also improve immunity, enhance physical strength,relieve fatigue,and reduce the effect of HBP,hyperglycaemia and hyperlipidemia.
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