Organic Pea Protein Flour

Organic Pea Protein Flour

1. Product name: Organic Pea Protein Powder.
2. Appearance: Light yellow fine powder.
3. Organic yellow pea protein >80%.
4. Application: Health food.
5. Sample: Less than 50g sample for free.
6. Storage: Cool, dry, and ventilate.
7. Lead time: 7 days after your order.
8. Shelf time: 24 months.
9. Remark: Customized specifications can also be achieved.
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Product Introduction

 organic organic 2BRC

Introduction of Organic Pea Protein Powder                                                                

Organic pea protein powder is a type of dietary supplement made from dried and ground organic yellow peas. It is a rich source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids that the body needs to function properly. Pea protein powder is also free from common allergens such as soy, dairy, and gluten, making it a great option for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

The protein in pea protein powder can aid in muscle growth and repair, support weight management by promoting feelings of fullness, and can even help regulate blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that pea protein can be just as effective at building muscle as other animal-based proteins like whey. It is also a good source of iron, which is important for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

The powder can be easily incorporated into smoothies, baked goods, or other recipes to boost their protein content. It has a neutral taste and a fine texture, making it a versatile ingredient to work with. Additionally, it can be used as a post-workout recovery supplement or as a meal replacement. Organic pea protein powder is a sustainable and vegan-friendly option for those looking to increase their protein intake without consuming animal products. It is also a more environmentally friendly option since peas require less water and produce less waste than traditional animal-based protein sources.

Physical Index                                                                                                                     

Appearance: Light yellow fine powderOrganic yellow pea protein >80%
Moisture (%)<8%PH(% in water): 6.9-7.5
ASH (%)<4%Gluten & Soy allergen free
Melamine: NDPesticide Residue: ND
TPC(CFU/GM)<1000 cfu/gMould & Yeast<100 cfu/g

Nutrition Line / Nutrition Value                                                                                        

PROTEIN(DAY BASIS)g/100g: 84.30

CARBOHYDRATES(g/100g): 7.56

SUGARS(g/100g): 1.81

TOTAL FAT(g/100g): 6.00

DIETARY FIBER(g/100g): 4.19

CALORIES(KJ/100g): 1632

Amino Acid Breakdown                                                                                                      

Aspartic acid 8.55Glu-Glutamic acid 12.02Alanine 3.27Arginine 6.15
Cystine 1.02Histidine 1.54Isoleucine 3.80Leucine 6.58
Lysine 6.32Methionine 0.60Phenylalanine 3.98Proline 2.66
Valine 7.51Tryptophan 0.57Phe-Phenylalanine 3.98Gly-Glycine 2.81
Serine 6.47Threonine 2.67Tyrosine 0.06His-Histidine 1.54

Product Details                                                                                                                   


  • Good gelling

  • Good solubility

  • Good emulsibility

  • High viscosity

  • Clean taste

  • Meat analogs

  • RTD beverage

  • Smoothies and shakes

  • Soup

  • Yogurt

  • Good dispersibility

  • Good solubility

  • Clean taste

  • Powder drinks

  • Puffled food

  • Bakery food

  • Nutrition bar

  • Bread dressing

  • Mechanical process

  • Natural color

  • Natural taste

  • Basic Food

  • Pet food

  • Aquatic feed

What is the mechanism of action of organic pea protein?

Organic pea protein is extracted from peas. Pea protein is suitable for vegetarians as a protein source, as well as for those with milk protein allergies or lactose intolerance. Like other legume proteins, pea is low in methionine, while rice protein is high in methionine, so the two are often blended to balance the amino acids.

Some of the evidence is as follows:

High blood pressure: Studies show that pea protein is rich in arginine, which is good for blood vessel health and reduces high blood pressure. In addition, there is evidence that the enzymes produced by the hydrolysis and purification of pea protein can help lower blood pressure, in doses of 20-30g per day.

Sports nutrition: Pea protein is rich in branched-chain amino acids and can be used as sports nutrition.

Wide Application                                                                                                               


USDA Organic certified, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, low net carbohydrates free, sugar free, soy free, clean, non trans, carrageenan free, ingredients free.

Pea protein can help with a clean diet, but you can also use our vegan pea protein powder in pre and post workout shakes, smoothies, and recipes for maximum recovery.

Perfect for men, women, and children's outdoor nutrition. Perfect for substitute meals, smoothie boosters, muscle building exercises, muscle recovery, and before and after exercise.


Maximum Nutrition: 27 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 120 calories and 5.7 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving.

Mix with water or your favorite protein shake for a quick breakfast or snack drink. Used during baking to provide protein and energy boost for your cake, muffin, brownie, or biscuit.

Pea protein is digested well and therefore easy on your stomach, unlike high-fat meat products.


Pea protein is both gluten- and lactose-free, making it a preferred option for people who have those particular allergies.

Pea protein delivers a healthy helping of this essential nutrient.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this is a staple you can easily fit into your diet.

Supplement a variety of amino acids in the human body, comprehensive and balanced, and protect health.

Factory Production Line                                                                                                      


1.We Nutraonly has been focused on research and development, production, and sales of organic nutritional supplements and dietary supplements since 2012.  The company covers an area of 100,000 square meters and has 10 production lines for the production of Plant-based food, starch, dietary fiber, vitamins, and vegetarian meat. 

2.All of them have introduced automatic production lines and closed-loop control, with an annual processing of 60,000 tons of peas, an annual output of 28,800 tons of starch, 7,000 tons of isolated protein, and 15,000 tons of concentrated protein. The company is committed to producing safe and nutritious products that are widely used in food, medicine, biology and other fields.

3. It has a large number of advanced testing instruments and equipment, and has established a product quality and safety testing system and standardized laboratories. The moisture, whiteness, impurities and other items in the semi-finished products or samples in the workshop are tested every day, and the test data are reported to the workshop and relevant personnel in time, providing theoretical guidance for the workshop to control product quality.

4.Our company's production and sanitation quality management system is complete, standardized, and operates effectively. Raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, finished products and sanitation control procedures in the production process have been implemented. In the process of processing, raw material acceptance and metal detection are key processes that affect food hygiene. Every production step is strictly monitored, and the monitoring records are accurate and complete.

Our Certifications                                                                                                              


1.FSSC 22000: The food safety management system established according to the FSSC 22000 standard is certified to ensure that the food safety requirements of customers and industry regulations are fully met. Our company has obtained this certification.

2.BRC certification provides a framework for food manufacturers to assist them in producing safe food and managing product quality to meet customer needs. Our company has obtained this certification.

3.Halal certified, in compliance with Islamic dietary laws and other Islamic principles. It does not contain any substances or practices that are prohibited under Islamic norms. Our company has obtained this certification.

4.KOSHER certification: to ensure that Kosher-certified food is not cross-contaminated with meat and dairy ingredients during the procurement, transportation, production, packaging, and storage processes, does not contain any meat and dairy ingredients, and is pure and healthy. Our company has obtained this certification.

5.Organic certification refers to the certification by the certification agency of the quality control and tracking review system of the entire food chain of the company, including the cultivation, processing, and circulation of organic raw materials. The use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pigments, antibiotics, hormones, artificially synthesized additives, genetically modified technologies, and pollution during transportation are prohibited throughout the entire food chain. Our company has obtained this certification.

 International Exhibitions                                                                                                   


1.Singapore International Food Show FHA(04.23-04.26)

2.Thailand International Food Exhibition THAIFEX(05.28-06.01)

3.Natural Health Products West of the United States Engredea&Expowest(04.16-0.4.17)

4.Eastern American Plant Extracts SUPPLYSIDE EAST(04.16-04.17)

5.Swiss international nutrition and health food VITAFOODS (05.14-05.16)

6.Asia (Indonesia) Food Ingredients Exhibition Fi Asia(09.04-09.06)

7.Canada International Food Show SIAL(05.15-05.17)

Joint Venture                                                                                                                       


1.Organic pea protein powder have been audited and approved by many well-known companies, and we have established good cooperative relations with them.

2.We Nutraonly is your: one-stop dietary nutrition stop , to provide you with global nutritional dietary solutions, fruit and vegetable powder mixing, packaging, tablet candy, and other OEM services.

3. Our main markets for the United States, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, product quality and professional service by customers, buy back constantly.

Bulk Packaging Details                                                                                                      


Bulk Package20kg/bag,500kg or 600kg per pallet
Loading capacity

20Pallets for 1*20FCL container, which means it to be full with 10 tons or 12 tons

40 pallets for 1*40 FCL container, which means it to be full with 20 tons or 24 tons

Lead time7days after your order
Shelf time24 months 
StorageCool, dry, and ventilate

 OEM/ODM Packaging Details 


1.About the Organic pea protein powder: It can be used as a semi-finished raw material or a finished product, and can be used in medicine, food, cosmetics, etc., in a wide range of industries.

2.About packaging: 250g/bag*4bags/carton;500g/can*2cans/carton; can be customized.

3.Plants and active ingredients can be extracted according to customer requirements.


Q: Does the manufacturer require their raw material suppliers to perform a food safety audit annually?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Do you support the free samples for our test? What's the MOQ?

A: Yes, we can supply a free 100g sample for your test.MOQ:25kg.

Q: Can the product open TC?

A: Sure, we can issue TC.

Q: Can I get the free samples?

A: Of course, you can get them by paying the freight only.

Q: Can we accept OEM service?

A: We are pleased and specialized to providing OEM service.

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