Organic Soybean Lecithin Powder

Organic Soybean Lecithin Powder

1. Product name: Organic soybean lecithin powder.
2. Part used: Seed.
3. Appearance: Clean, fine powder.
4. Packing: 25 kg/drum, 0.063m³ per package.
5. Storage: Cool, dry, darkness, & ventilate.
6. Lead time: 7-10 days.
7. Shelf life: 2 years.
8. Provide a free sample for testing.
9. Remark: Customized specification can also be achieved.
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Product Introduction

What is Organic Soybean Lecithin Powder?

Product Name: Organic Soybean Lecithin Powder

Part Used: Seed

Appearance: Clean, Fine Powder

Organic Soybean Lecithin Powder is a by-product of the process of refining soybean oil. It is a powder obtained by solvent extraction, centrifugation, and alcohol washing and processed; soybean lecithin contains eggs. Phospholipids, cephalin, etc., have the functions of delaying aging and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Soy lecithin can enhance the ability of cells to transmit information, thereby improving brain vitality, and improving the self-repairing ability of cell membranes to protect the liver.


Serving size 6.5g (~0.2 oz.)

CaloriesCalories from FatTotal Fat
Saturated FatCholesterol, SodiumTotal Carbohydrate
Dietary FiberSugarsProtein


Vitamin AVitamin CCalciumIron

Organic Soybean Lecithin Powder Health Benefits

soybean extract.jpg

1. Organic soy lecithin powder improves brain function. Lecithin can maintain the normal function of brain nerve cells while repairing damaged brain cells and opening up the obstacles between the brain and blood circulation and enhancing the function of the brain nervous system, thereby achieving the effect of preventing senile dementia.

2. Have the function of lowering cholesterol. Lecithin can emulsify and decompose fat and can emulsify cholesterol and fat attached to the blood vessel wall into microparticles, which are dissolved in the blood and transported back to the liver for metabolism.

3. Organic soy lecithin powder nutrition facts are essential for liver health. Heavy drinking or excess nutrition can increase the burden on liver cells and reduce the liver's ability to synthesize phospholipids. Therefore, lecithin supplementation can enhance the metabolism of liver cells, promote fat degradation, protect the liver, and prevent the occurrence of fatty liver and other diseases.

4. Soy lecithin powder composition can improve immune function. Soybeans are very rich in vegetable protein. If the human body does not have enough protein, immunity will decline, and symptoms of fatigue will appear. Eating soy protein can supplement the protein needed by the human body, thereby increasing immunity

5. Soy lecithin protein powder can help us build better digestion. Studies have confirmed that lecithin contains phosphatidylcholine with certain emulsifying activity, which can improve intestinal mucus, protect the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, and be beneficial to digestion.

6. Soybean lecithin benefits can enhance cognitive function. Lecithin can provide sufficient nourishment for brain nerve cells, and speed up the transmission of information between the brain nerves, thereby improving brain vitality, eliminating brain fatigue, making brain thinking agile, and improving learning and work efficiency.

Other Information

Our organic soy lecithins powder can be used in a variety of products including:
Baked Goods & Bread
Ice Cream
Powdered Mixes
Infant Formula
Dietary Foods
Animal Feeds
Nutritional Supplements
Personal Care Items

Packing & Storage

Packing: 25 kg/Drum, 0.063m³ per package (Customized specification can also be achieved).

Storage: Stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, with a shelf life of 24 months.

Lead Time: 7-10 days.



Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Usually 1kg. Details please be free to consult our salesman.

Q: Can the product open TC??

A: Sure, we can issue TC.

Q: What kind of certification do your products have?

A: They are certified by USDA/EU Organic, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, and ISO22000.

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