Dry White Chrysanthemum Tea

Dry White Chrysanthemum Tea

1. NOP Organic, Vegan, NON-GMO.BRC, HALAL, ISO2000.
2. Is superior to other chrysanthemum varieties in its unique quality and processing technology. The tribute is white, green, and small, evenly scattered, soft, fragrant, sweet and bitter.
3. Florists chrysanthemum contains inulin, adenine, choline and vitamins A1, B1, amino acids, potassium, sodium salts, etc.
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Product Introduction



1. Chrysanthemum plant grows in the long stream of green water, with no heat in summer, no cold in winter, four distinct seasons, warm and humid, abundant rainfall, abundant sunshine, the annual average temperature of 16.4 degrees Celsius, belonging to the tropical northern margin.

2. The taste of chrysanthemums is smooth and creamy, light and sweet, and the aroma is light and natural. After adding rock sugar, the sweet taste will be enhanced. 

3. Quantitative picking. Kept in normal condition; high temperature drying under 45-50℃.

Product Name: Dry White ChrysanthemumLatine Name: Chrysanthemum morifolium
Appearance: white dried flowerImpurity(%)<0.5%

Chrysanthemum plant care

1. Chrysanthemum contains inulin, adenine, choline, and vitamins A1, B1, amino acids, potassium, sodium salts, etc.

2. Chrysanthemum has the functions of clearing the liver and eyes, exorcising evil decreasing internal heat, and cooling off the watch, which is a healthy drink for all ages.

Chrysanthemum yellow (2)


1. Patients with spleen and stomach deficiency should drink less. 

2. Chrysanthemum cannot be taken for a long time.

3. Pregnant women cannot drink chrysanthemum tea. 

Packing & Storage

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