Dry Lavender Flowers Buds

Dry Lavender Flowers Buds

1. Product name: Dry Lavender Flowers Buds.
2. Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia Mill.
3. Purity(%): >99.99%.
4. Appearance: Bright purple dried flowers.
5. Ash (%)<5%.
6. Moisture (%) < 8%.
7. Prepared time: 8-10 days after your order.
8. Shelf time: 24 months.
9. Remark: Customized specifications also can be achieved.
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Product Introduction



1. The real "French blue " lavender grow in China.

2. French blue grade AAAAA, grade AAAA, gradeAAA, grade AA, grade A.

3. Excellent seeds, rich and long-lasting fragrance.

4. Picked in the new harvest.

dried lavender flower

Product name: Dried lavender flower tea

Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia Mill

Purity(%): >99.99%Appearance: Bright purple dried flowers
Ash (%)<5Moisture (%) < 8
TPC (CFU/GM)<50000 cfu/gMould&Yeast< 50cfu/g


1. Pharmacological activity, spasmolysis, antibacterial action, neuroprotective effect. 

2. Dried lavender flowers can be made into a pillow, sachet, mattress, steam, car MATS, insoles, crafts, and fillers.

dried lavender flower

Packing & Storage

1. Package: 25kg/50kg/Fiber bag.

2. Prepared time: 8-10 days after your order.

3. Shelf time: 24 months.

4. Storage: 24 months in closed original packaging.

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